Semper Fi Rescue
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SEMPER FI RESCUE is an official 501 (c) 3
non-profit all volunteer rescue group. It was
created in 2008 by Marines John and Lisa Wippler.

Our Mission has always been to help abandoned
and death row dogs in need anyway we can!

Over the last few years, we have expanded our
mission to include shelter reform, raising
community awareness on the importance of
spay/neuter and transporting shelter dogs to
partner rescues in less over populated areas.

In 2012 with just a small network of committed
foster homes/voluntters/transporters we were able
to save 237 dogs from our local high kills shelters.
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Transport from Calhoun County to ALSNC in
Irondale.  The program is now ran by
 We are now the clinics most successful
county taking about 60 dogs and cats twice a
month for surgery.  
On Monday, August 26 the CCACC Shelter Staff
came in to find that these little 4 highly
Emaciated Dachshunds had been dumped the
night before at the gate and were wondering
around in the ditch. Because they were not
"surrendered" properly they had to be held as
strays on a 7-Day hold.

Friday we were contacted by the Shelter
Director and asked if we would pull them early
on a Medical Release as their health was

We took them straight to the vet.  They were the
WORST possible case of neglect. A few more
days and the little Black Male would have been
dead.  From what????   Simple Neglect.  They
are Heart Worm Free. Young.  

They were full of ticks, hook worms and simply

The male Kyle has been left at the vet for a
blood transfusion and ICU Care while the
females were sent home to a foster after a full
check up.

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11/6/2013: We are working on
a brand new website!! Please
be patient while we work on
and update it.